Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Things Layla Loves volume 6

1.    We officially have a walker. It has been so much fun and so exhausting chasing our little explorer around.
2.    She has always thought it was funny when we clapped. She used to cheer as we would clap. She enjoyed holding our hands to make us clap and she now loves clapping on her own. She doesn't always make noise but she sure thinks it’s fun.
3.    She really loves any of the games on my dad’s iPad but this is probably one of her favorites. It does involve music afterall.
4.    Dancing Santas have been a hit this season. She would carry the one on the right (by his hat) around the house as he sang and danced.
5.    This is one of the funniest things to do. The progression of “Where’s Layla?” has gone from us popping up to find her to us covering her face and asking “Where’s Layla?” to her pulling the blanket up and down after we did it a few times to her pulling her own dress up and down to keep us entertained with “Where’s Layla?” on Christmas day while visiting with Justin’s family. She is so smart and *so* funny!
6.    Spaghetti. If it’s messy, it’s good.
7.    I’ve gone back and forth with how I feel about her playing with my phone but the truth is that I always have my phone on me and am always sticking it in her face to take pictures or talk to Daddy. She’s started putting any phone and her hands to her ears and saying “haaaaa”. It’s absolutely precious and hilarious. Might as well train her the right way to use it!
8.    Santa was probably one of Layla’s favorite people in the world. She had so much awe for him and I think he was quite fond of her too! She just stared into his eyes and at his beard and smiled so big. He blew her a kiss as we walked away and her eyes LIT up. Wishing for a similar situation next year.
9.    She loves high fives. She has loved them for quite some time but I honestly haven’t ever captured a good picture of it. She is now good at high fiving us back and thinks it’s funny when our hands make noise.
10.  Little Tikes Nativity Set has been a hit. She likes to make the angel sing. If Layla had it her way, there would be a few balls, cups and books at the manger. I’m just thankful for an opportunity to begin sharing the Christmas story with my sweet girl.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Baby girl is getting closer and closer to not being a baby. I am daily noticing her turning into a little girl. She will always be my baby girl, though.

Eleven months old on Saturday. Oh my.

Hope you had a blessed and merry Christmas!

Christmas {b&w}

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Layla Grows {10 months}

ten. months. old. 

Wow. My tiny baby girl is ten months old (and no longer tiny). Two months away from a year. ooo, this means I've really gotta get planning her birthday party :) Good thing I have an amazing SIL who has offered to help with everything :)

She amazes me more & more every day. I am one blessed momma.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lovelay 2011 Release

Recently, I sat down with my dear friend, Valerie Hammond, to discuss taking my dreams/thoughts/ideas/visions for Lovelay and capturing & portraying them through the lens of her camera.

Needless to say, she exceeded every desire as she photographed this new line. She is so amazing to work with and I am thankful for her friendship!

Also, needless to say, I am very excited about this.

Along for the ride was long time friend, Chelsea Lankes. Chelsea made a huge contribution to the look & feel of this Lovelay photoshoot. She lent her eye for fashion, styled the accessories & the girls, and was such a great spirit to have on as we explored A Day in the Life. Chelsea is a singer/songwriter in town among other things. She works at a local boutique and many of the outfits are from the boutique.

Gracie, Jenna & Betsy all helped bring Lovelay to life. These three beautiful women embraced the role of of a Lovelay Lady and I am honored to have them as the faces of Lovelay.

Photographer: Valerie Hammond
Stylist: Chelsea Lankes
Models: Gracie Spires, Jenna Farro, Betsy Jones

Enjoy "A Day in the Life"

You can find the collection here. I would LOVE to help add a dash of lovely to your every day.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i love...

how she sits as she plays.                                               her sweet & crazy sneeze.

her sweet little face & how she always has to wants to know where i am.
sweet moments like that one.

her super amazing ability to "strike a pose" and be a complete ham in front of the camera.

how she is starting to enjoy "cuddling" on the couch with us & that she is entertained by children's shows. it is precious when she laughs at silly sounds and sings along with the singing animals.

her sweet, perfect, soft little toesies.
the way she always has her feet crossed & can't keep them still if they're not crossed.
how ticklish they are & how she thinks it's funny when we tickle them.
the fact that she has been standing & walking on these tiny little feet.
these sweet, tiny, perfect little feet are growing.
which means my baby is growing.
which means she is changing & learning & exploring & ... growing.

sweet, sweet, sweet little toesies.
sweet, sweet, sweet baby girl.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

the way i see things

there is a little tornado that sweeps through my house on a daily basis.
i try my best to stay one step ahead of her, pick up as we go, replace "undesirables" with "baby friendlies"...
but, i am not always successful.

case in point:

a box of tissues. an innocent box of tissues.
big people don't see the appeal and awe that the tissue box brings.
baby people see an amazing opportunity to put fine motor skills to use.
(or something like that)

as soon a i saw this mess explored territory i sighed, rolled my eyes, thought about a new and out of reach place that we could put the tissue box. and then i laughed. hysterically. and couldn't stop laughing for about the next 20 minutes. 

i laughed because once layla realized that i noticed what she had done she was so pleased, excited, happy and she wanted to share with me what she had found. so she laughed too. 


(noticing me laughing, thinking about it, sharing her goodies)
(laughing, more laughing, holy cow this was funny)
(she really wanted to share her tissue)
after a few minutes (i know i said 20 minutes earlier, but it was more like a few...sorry) of amazing laughter she sat down to continue to play with her tissue.
when layla plays with a tissue it means ripping it to shreds and attempting to eat it every time momma turns her head. 
i never turned my head.

i asked her to smile for me and this is what she did:

she's such a ham.
and at some point she lost a sock. it's probably in her toy box...

i should know how amazing these little messes are for her.
i worked with toddlers for years and i told parents day after day that every mess, every dirt covered dress, every misplaced remote control is a learning experience for their child. it's an opportunity for the child to discover and explore. they need limits but they also need to not have their creativity crushed.


so, the way i see things is this: 
i am excited to let her explore. we are loving and dream filled people after all. i am kind of really looking forward to all of the other messes she decides to make in her attempt to discover this big wide world around her.

**if we happen to run out of tissues, i might alter my thoughts a bit...but we'll talk then** :)


Friday, November 25, 2011

grateful details

i love having a holiday completely dedicated to sitting back and taking into account all that we truly are thankful for.

i am most thankful for the people in my life...

i am grateful to be a daughter of God and to know that i matter to Him, always.

i am grateful to have a husband who is patient with me, quick to forgive, always willing to serve everyone around him. i am especially grateful for his love.

i am grateful to be a new mother. the past 9 1/2 months have been so humbling. and special. and magical. and beautiful. and gosh, i could just watch as she learns and explores and laughs all day long.

i'm grateful for family and friends who are always supportive and encouraging.

when i think really think about it, my relationships with my loved ones, my family, my new baby girl, my relationship with my heavenly father... these are the things i am most thankful for in life. what a wonderful world. happy thanksgiving!

Now I am officially ready for Christmas season. Don't be surprised if you see us wandering around town in red, green, sparkles or any combination of the three.