Saturday, May 28, 2011

here i go.

this is it. my first post. and apparently i am going to only use lowercase letters. my brother would despise this. ha.

i have always loved crafting, designing, restoring, etc...but i have recently been venturing into the world of supplying for others thanks to my need for adorning my baby girl in handmade, simple & oh so beautiful hair accessories. 

we shall see how it goes. so far it has been productive & people have been extremely supportive.

my etsy shop is in the works. my goal is to have it completed by the end of june. yep, i can do it.

i am extremely excited about this journey & am praying for my eyes to be open to whatever direction God decides to take it.

so here i go...i've got my handsome & supportive husband, my beautiful & darling daughter, my handy dandy laptop, & all of my supplies.

i can do this. :)