Thursday, July 26, 2012

crazy, stupid love

currently watching: Crazy, Stupid Love (while laying on the couch with a big box of tissues, Emergen-C, crackers, Sprite, and a random collection of other things sick people collect...)

Wow. I really have no words for the lapse of time that has occurred since my last blog post.

Busy? Yes. Tired? Yes. Uninspired? Definitely not.

Sadly, 11 hour days with three little girls has caused me to reorganize my evening schedule. Actually, I'm not really sorry at all...I've spent some amazing time with Justin & Layla and I wouldn't trade that for the world.

So, Layla has changed. A lot. She's growing up and becoming a little girl.

After church a couple of weeks ago I snapped some pictures. The first is Layla with her friend Eisley. The others are just some I took while Lay & I went on a quick stroll up & down our street.

Justin's parents are in town from Texas & are staying with Justin's sister. Lay has been staying with them the last few days because I got pretty sick a few days ago. I'm finally feeling better and will be back to work tomorrow. I have missed being with my little darling but am so thankful that my in laws were here to keep her safe & entertained...and to help me rest! Anyway, my sister (in law) captured some amazing pictures of Layla while hanging out on their back porch and sent them to me last night to bring a big smile to my sick face (as she so lovingly put it :)).

We're planning to do a session with Julie (SIL) soon and I know they will turn out beautifully!