Lovelay Ladies - A Day in the Life

Recently, I sat down with my dear friend, Valerie Hammond, to discuss taking my dreams/thoughts/ideas/visions for Lovelay and capturing & portraying them through the lens of her camera.

Needless to say, she exceeded every desire as she photographed this new line. She is so amazing to work with and I am thankful for her friendship!

Also, needless to say, I am very excited about this.

Along for the ride was long time friend, Chelsea Lankes. Chelsea made a huge contribution to the look & feel of this Lovelay photoshoot. She lent her eye for fashion, styled the accessories & the girls, and was such a great spirit to have on as we explored A Day in the Life. Chelsea is a singer/songwriter in town among other things. She works at a local boutique and many of the outfits are from the boutique.

Gracie, Jenna & Betsy all helped bring Lovelay to life. These three beautiful women embraced the role of of a Lovelay Lady and I am honored to have them as the faces of Lovelay.

Photographer: Valerie Hammond
Stylist: Chelsea Lankes
Models: Gracie Spires, Jenna Farro, Betsy Jones

Enjoy "A Day in the Life"

You can find the collection here. I would LOVE to help add a dash of lovely to your every day.