I am a wife, a mother of one beautiful baby girl, a sister & daughter. I love the intimacy that is offered through dear friendships, whether near or far. I learn something every day, whether I like it or not. I love pictures...and having my picture taken. Mirrors have always been a source of weakness for me. I love oversized tops and have obsessions with stripes and Free People. I love my husband's love for candles & how they have changed my life already. I love rainy days on the couch with my husband. I love my bed {perhaps a bit too much}, making lists, redesigning rooms in my head, dressing my baby girl, watching how much her daddy adores her, spending time with my family and the amazing joy that Christ has offered me. 

My goal for this blog & this business adventure is simply to encourage myself to be more creative with daily routines, to meet the needs of my family through creative outlets and to provide opportunities for myself & others to step out of our comfort zones & work with each other to make this life more beautiful.