Tuesday, January 24, 2012


one week.
that is all the time i have left to soak up having an eleven month old.
in one week my eleven month old will be one.

wow. this year has gone by rather quickly.

light of my life.

one week.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It always feels nice to have your products recognized by others. So far, in the month of January, The Lovelay Shop has been featured in three different places! Not so bad...


First, my friend Tamara has a very successful event and design business called Tamara Menges Designs. In the last year she has created quite a few wedding inspirational shoots. Last fall she asked me to create a piece for one of her shoots. I happily agreed, and the result was...a published post on The Wedding Wire Blog. Pretty cool, eh? Here is a collaboration of pictures from the shoot (photography credit: Sarah E. Evans Photography) My hair piece is being worn in the bottom right photo. You can also read more about Tamara's experience during this photo shoot here.


So, a couple of weeks ago, Joni of Lay Baby Lay shared my shop (along with several others) with her followers in a blog post called girly girly bows. I have been "inspired and delighted" by Joni's outlook on being a mom, her ideas for creating a lovely space & her suggestions for wonderful & affordable places to buy the best toys/accessories/etc. for babies! I would love for our sweet girls to meet in real life one day! Thank you, Joni for helping spread the word!


Today! I got a little mention on an online magazine called Madly Juicy.  The article's author, Ryan's opening line was, "Searching the streets for those 1 in a million fashion finds is no longer necessary to get some individuality into your wardrobe. With sites like Etsy at your fingertips, unique and handmade pieces are yours in a click." I was honored that he chose my shop as one of his favorites. Very cool. Plus, he chose an awfully pretty picture of Miss Jenna & Miss Gracie!


Thanks for listening to my excitement! So far 2012 is getting off to a great start. I am very excited to see what all else God has in store for my life and for Lovelay.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Layla Grows {11 months}

so. as much as i tried to not make this one happen, it did. 
my baby is 11 months old. i am not really sure where that 11th month went. but it went quickly. 

and she is now a quick little one. walking all over the place. she's basically running circles around us. 

she brings us such immense joy. i just spent half an hour holding her and rocking her after she had already fallen asleep in my arms. just so i could watch her & feel her & hear her.

i love my {happy} baby girl. so.so.so much.

{she also just rediscovered sophie and figured out how easy it is to walk around the house making her squeak & squeak & squeak & squeak & squeak. good thing i'm patient.}

oh, and happy new year. 2012 y'all.