Tuesday, April 17, 2012

water baby

On Sunday, sweet baby girl was introduced to her first pool!
I picked up this gem at Target a few weeks back and could not wait for the perfect opportunity to let her enjoy it.

Sunday was definitely that day.

J, L & I had a truly wonderful spring day.
There was hammocking, running around the back yard, dining on the back porch, pooling, sliding and Sonic-ing (which will be happening today as well...Happy Hour all day!)

I snapped up quite a few pictures of the whole day but my favorites were definitely Layla enjoying her little pool.

I couldn't help but include a little after pool hammocking with Daddy!

How have you been enjoying these lovely spring days??

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

recent favorites ((instagram))

Here are (a lot of) instagram pictures from the last few weeks ((and not necessarily in chronological order)). I love having an iPhone and love being able to take pictures at any moment. Most of my pictures are of my sweet little girl. I just can't not take pictures of everything she does. She is becoming such a little girl. Her personality is growing and changing every day. I love my little love. So much.
I love my husband, too. He is such an amazing man. I am more and more thankful for him with each new day. We got to go on a sweet and spontaneous little date to the USA soccer match last week. That was awesome.


seriously?? who is that little girl??