Saturday, February 18, 2012

her first birthday party . part 3 . the rest of it

Here you'll find pictures of Layla, pictures of friends, action shots and her first cake adventure.

The party was absolutely perfect. We couldn't have asked for anything more.
It was amazing to feel so loved, so blessed and to know that these people came because they genuinely love our daughter. 

Layla has brought such light and love into this world and her first birthday party was an amazing celebration of that.

We love you, baby girl. We ALL love you.

Photographer: Valerie Hammond (again, minus the not as nicely edited ones)

her first birthday party . part 2 . photo fun

It was a slightly windy and cold day. But mostly everyone braved that to snap a picture with Layla.

Backdrop: vintage sheets ripped into strips and tied to a strand of jute twine and whatever else is in my backyard.
Photographer: Valerie Hammond
Frame: Iron Inspired, Longview, TX

her first birthday party . part 1 . it's in the details

the details of Layla's first birthday party

most photos taken by Valerie Hammond, photographer & designer ((and dear friend))
the rest ((not as nicely edited ones)) taken by me
flowers: Lauren Atkinson, A Village of Flowers
many decorative products: Iron Inspired, Longview, TX

Friday, February 17, 2012

Layla Grows {12 months}

my ONE year old joy,
my ONE year old treasure,
my ONE year old beauty,
my ONE year old daughter,
my ONE year old Layla,

It has been an incredible year with you in our lives, baby girl. Your Daddy and I have so loved watching you grow, learn, love, change and experience life. You are passionate and determined. You are ridiculously smart. You already have 20 words and phrases and almost as many signs. You are so so sweet and you light up every room that you walk in to. We hang on your every sound, every word, every emotion. We strive to be the best parents we can be for you. Thank you for opening up our hearts, changing our worlds, strengthening us, helping us rely on the Lord. You have made us better people. We pray that God continue to equip us as parents. You will change the world.

We love you.

"Mamamamama" and "Dada"