Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Layla Grows {11 months}

so. as much as i tried to not make this one happen, it did. 
my baby is 11 months old. i am not really sure where that 11th month went. but it went quickly. 

and she is now a quick little one. walking all over the place. she's basically running circles around us. 

she brings us such immense joy. i just spent half an hour holding her and rocking her after she had already fallen asleep in my arms. just so i could watch her & feel her & hear her.

i love my {happy} baby girl. so.so.so much.

{she also just rediscovered sophie and figured out how easy it is to walk around the house making her squeak & squeak & squeak & squeak & squeak. good thing i'm patient.}

oh, and happy new year. 2012 y'all.

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