Saturday, August 6, 2011


so, i am sure you may {or may not} have noticed that i have been a little quiet the last week and a half. you can thank california for that. if my daughter didn't already have my heart, northern california would. j and i had an amazing week and built memories and had so much fun together. 

i missed layla like crazy but our reunion was so, so sweet. 

my dad is in town this weekend {he brought baby girl back from texas - what an awesome man}.
i am soaking up every bit of this weekend with him, my darling daughter and my handsome husband.

i shall leave you with this photo from our trip.  i had way too much fun with these things.

i've got blog posts organized for next week telling more about my trip, future {exciting} plans, hopes, dreams, things layla loves, layla grows, etc...

have a wonderful sunday!


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