Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i can do this

In less than 24 hours J & I will be getting on a plane while baby girl heads to spend the week with her wonderful Nana & Grandpa. Just writing that sentence makes my heart hurt. I have spent time away from her but never for that long. 

When J & I planned this trip last year we knew it would be difficult being away from our baby. Until baby girl arrived we had NO idea actually how difficult it would be. And we're doing this for a week. A week people. 

The trip will be amazing. We get to do couply things. Go on "dates", dress up, sleep in, sit on the porch, go to the beach, take lots of pictures, drink wine. Since we weren't able to get a honeymoon, we will be soaking up this anniversary trip. I do know that a moment won't pass where we aren't thinking about our dear daughter. 



To my darling daughter,
This week has been a tearful one. I will miss you desperately and will think of you constantly. The thought of being away from you has been a not so exciting experience. Please know that the day you were born such unimaginable joy entered our lives. Life will never be the same again. In your short six months of life you have already reshaped my soul in ways unimaginable. I am yours. Forever.

Just in case...I want to remind you of some things until we meet again,

1. you shine. you can change the world with your smile. the world is yours baby girl.
2. make Jesus number one in your life, He will never fail you...cling to Him. He will forever protect you & will show you who your momma and daddy were through others around you.
3. you are extremely loved. and forever will be. you have blessed the lives of so many people.
4. always snuggle, always give kisses to your family, always inspire, always dream, always love
5. choose joy, choose hope, choose peace

Your momma and daddy love you very much and can't wait to see you after our trip. Enjoy your Nana and Grandpa. They love you more than anything. You have brought them so much joy.

You are beautiful, baby girl. See you soon.

love, momma


  1. Abby Lynn, I feel ya girl and it never gets easier having to leave them ... but it is so good for us to get some adult/together time with or hubs. :)
    This was so so sweeeet and she is adorable. My kids have a Nana too.

  2. You are a brave mama. We've still only ever left our daughter for quick overnight trips, and even those break my heart. I pray you'll have a wonderful time reconnecting with your husband, and you'll both be able to enjoy your sweet baby even more when you return.