Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Things Layla Loves volume 6

1.    We officially have a walker. It has been so much fun and so exhausting chasing our little explorer around.
2.    She has always thought it was funny when we clapped. She used to cheer as we would clap. She enjoyed holding our hands to make us clap and she now loves clapping on her own. She doesn't always make noise but she sure thinks it’s fun.
3.    She really loves any of the games on my dad’s iPad but this is probably one of her favorites. It does involve music afterall.
4.    Dancing Santas have been a hit this season. She would carry the one on the right (by his hat) around the house as he sang and danced.
5.    This is one of the funniest things to do. The progression of “Where’s Layla?” has gone from us popping up to find her to us covering her face and asking “Where’s Layla?” to her pulling the blanket up and down after we did it a few times to her pulling her own dress up and down to keep us entertained with “Where’s Layla?” on Christmas day while visiting with Justin’s family. She is so smart and *so* funny!
6.    Spaghetti. If it’s messy, it’s good.
7.    I’ve gone back and forth with how I feel about her playing with my phone but the truth is that I always have my phone on me and am always sticking it in her face to take pictures or talk to Daddy. She’s started putting any phone and her hands to her ears and saying “haaaaa”. It’s absolutely precious and hilarious. Might as well train her the right way to use it!
8.    Santa was probably one of Layla’s favorite people in the world. She had so much awe for him and I think he was quite fond of her too! She just stared into his eyes and at his beard and smiled so big. He blew her a kiss as we walked away and her eyes LIT up. Wishing for a similar situation next year.
9.    She loves high fives. She has loved them for quite some time but I honestly haven’t ever captured a good picture of it. She is now good at high fiving us back and thinks it’s funny when our hands make noise.
10.  Little Tikes Nativity Set has been a hit. She likes to make the angel sing. If Layla had it her way, there would be a few balls, cups and books at the manger. I’m just thankful for an opportunity to begin sharing the Christmas story with my sweet girl.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Baby girl is getting closer and closer to not being a baby. I am daily noticing her turning into a little girl. She will always be my baby girl, though.

Eleven months old on Saturday. Oh my.

Hope you had a blessed and merry Christmas!

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