Thursday, September 8, 2011

Layla Grows {7 months}


baby girl is now seven months old. i she is growing so fast.
she turned seven months last week but due to the cold and the rainy weather this last week i haven't been able to take any pictures in her room! 
the sun finally showed itself this morning so i took a few shots!

we finally were able to pull out the cold weather clothes and i got really excited.
it's fun to dress myself in fall clothes and even more fun to dress a baby.

layla is having so much fun talking and singing.
she lovesloveloves giving mommy kisses. and mommy loves those kisses.
these kisses are sloppy wet kisses.
the best kind.
she is on the VERGE of crawling.
she has figured out every single way to get across a room.
except for crawling.
she'll get there though.
she is on the go go go all the time and i love it.
she can now high five.
we {her daddy} have been working on this months.

i am so proud of my little girl.
she is such an amazing little girl and is blessing so many people.
seven months old. wow.

love you, baby girl.


Casey featured my headbands on her blog today.
she and her beautiful baby girl look so pretty wearing them!
Thank you, Casey!



  1. Found you through the Wiegands! Love, love your work...writing and crafting!! Have a blessed day<3