Friday, September 2, 2011

rejoicing while we wait

It is such a beautiful thing to see a child rejoicing. 
It is even more beautiful when that child is your child. 

I know that Layla is just seven months old but there is something so right and so pure about her spirit. 
I guess that is why the term "child like faith" is so endearing.

One her favorite activities is to swing {fly}. It's so inspiring. 

I think we have been to the park 5 times in the last week and a half just to watch her swing. In fact, we are even planning to buy a bucket swing for our back yard. 

I may enjoy it just as much as she does.

For all of you who read this post...thank you.
Thank you for reading, for praying, for listening, for replying.
My story is continuing to be written and answers are being provided daily.
Now we wait. And we rejoice as we wait.

 "After all we have experienced in our lives and all that we have experienced since this started, God has been faithful through it all, and He has brought peace, strength, and been the source of many joys and triumphs amidst uncertainty and difficult circumstances.  He has never left our side, and He never will.  I pray that you will find peace and just continue to trust that the Lord is in control of this.  As much as you or I want to be in control, we can never compare to what He is able to do. Have faith in that and find peace that we are all in His merciful, loving hands.  It will be ok." 
-words from a hurting loved one 

John 16:33  " I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace.  In the world you will have tribulation.  But take heart; I have overcome the world."  

I pray that this may be an encouragement for those of you that are also facing difficulties and that you are able to rejoice as you wait.


I'm linking up with Casey today. Please be praying for she and her family as they mourn the loss of their baby. Casey was twelve weeks pregnant.


  1. My girl loves to swing too! Unfortunately, a lot of parks in Hawaii don't have swings anymore, so we bought one from Target. layla is just ADORABLE. I love this post :)

    New follower, pleaes stop on by;

  2. Oh no! How sad. Target is the best, though.

    Thanks for following. Browsed your blog. Enjoying looking at your life in Hawaii :)

  3. aw loved this ... amazing how we can learn from our babes .. TRUE FAITH!

  4. thank you ma'am! :) true faith indeed!!