Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things Layla Loves volume 4

I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago but I knew little miss was on the verge of crawling.
Which means...SHE IS CRAWLING {see picture 6}!
She took her first little moves on September 11 while we were at my cousin's house.
I say she was inspired by my cousin's little boy {who is a month and a half older than Layla} who is such a fun little army crawler!
Since then, she has been going & going and all of the sudden her crawling ability just about quadrupled.
It's been fun. So. Much. Fun.
I love seeing her little self more all over the place to explore, chase us and move to just move.
I love her so much.

She also has her FIRST TOOTH {not pictured}!
It's so fun to see it but I know she has been in pain :(
Number two is coming right behind it.

  • Swinging is probably her absolute favorite thing to do.
  • Puffs might be one of MY favorite things along with hers. Dinners out are already so much more fun!
  • A few days after she started crawling, she decided she was ready to pull herself up. I'm impressed. But I am also always on the lookout for things she could get her hands on.
  • I dunno, shoulder time might be as exciting as swinging.
  • That Zany Zoo is absolutely brilliant. Joni from Lay Baby Lay inspired me to pick this piece up because her sweet baby girl {Vivi} loves hers so much. I am so glad we now own it because it is truly incredible and will be a wonderful learning and playing tool for years!
  • Up until the last month, books have been lovely for chewing on {despite our nightly readings}. Now, she has discovered the wonderful images, colors, noises, textures, etc. that come along with books. She sees a book and her eyes light up. She laughs hysterically when I make animal noises and smiles when she sees faces. I love that she enjoys books.
  • Ok, y'all. Bath time. Seriously. She loves it...especially in the sink. Can't explain it!
  • She gives the best, best, best kisses in the world. Sloppy wet ones.
  • She makes strolls desirable. She has such a wonderful ability to brighten the days of everyone who sees her smile. Because, if you smile at her, she'll smile at you.

J & I are so unbelievably blessed to have a daughter who is able to bring joy to *seriously* EVERYONE. She is the most amazing little gift in the whole world.

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