Tuesday, November 22, 2011

cello dude

We all know Layla. (well, if you don't you haven't been reading my blog :)) We all know how beautiful, funny and smart she is. She is almost 10 months old.


Well, my almost 10 month old daughter's daddy (aka my handsome husband, aka cello dude, aka j) is an incredibly talented musician. His gifts and abilities are so beautifully created by God and he uses them in such glorifying ways. It melts me. It also melts me how amazing he is with our daughter. and what he is willing to do for her and for our family. He recently picked up a second job to allow me to become a part time nanny for a family and have Layla with me full time. It has changed my world. and his. He has so selflessly given of his time and complains as little as possible! :) In no way do I wish for him to give up a passion, a dream, a gift that he is very successful with but I also don't want to give up my dream to be a full time mommy. He takes every free moment that he gets to be creative. Whether it's playing an instrument, jotting down song ideas, being inspired by his precious daughter, having beautiful conversations with me and with our friends and family. He doesn't let his limited free time be an excuse to "rest". I respect and appreciate that so much.

I'm learning so much every day on how to love him, serve him, cook for him, encourage him, support him, TREASURE him. I am his wife. It is an HONOR to do these things.

We met in 2009, were married in 2010, welcomed Layla in 2011, and here we are...approaching 2012. Our life has been a whirlwind and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Through all of the beautiful chaos, he has loved me, been patient with me, laughed with me and truly been my best friend (the bomb.com). It would be silly for me not to acknowledge the blessings his life has brought mine.

Plus...he's a stud. 

Anyway, I felt that since Thanksgiving is fast approaching (it's basically a day away, y'all) it would be an appropriate time to share with the world how thankful I am for my man.

Who are you thankful for??

{can you say adorable?????}


  1. Too sweet...and I'm very thankful for my man too! We had somewhat of a whirlwind romance and will be making our way to the alter next year. New follower by way of the wiegands.

  2. i am thankful for my man too, and my post was kinda the same...love your blog and am a new follower from the fest. your little one is precious.

  3. Oh how sweet! What an amazing gift to be given. I love that your husband is using his God given talents in glorifying ways. That is awesome. I am so happy I found your blog through the blog hop. It is beautiful. I am your newest follower! :)

  4. your little one is adorable, and that picture melts my heart Im so thankful for my hubby...and my little man (who by the way just turned 10 months! I love seeing babies the same age).

    Im your newest follower from the fest and am SO glad I found your blog!!


  5. Hi Abby! I am stopping over from followers fest! I looooove your blog. Thanks for sharing! I am your newest follower.