Wednesday, November 2, 2011

randoms & updates

Let's get the randoms out of the way.


Date night.

J & I went on our date night take 2 last night. We went out a couple of weeks ago & had to end the date early due to a slight babysitter door locking mishap. But, all was well. We went & saw Money ball & really enjoyed it. Go see it, ok? Ok.

Baby Date.

My cousin, Casey, has four amazing children. The youngest, sweet Will, is a month and a half older than Layla & is the only boy of the crew. It is fun watching how the dynamics of their relationship changes each time they are together. Will's mama is the best. I love my cousin, Casey. Family is the best.


This is my sister-in-law, Julie & her husband, Sean (more like sister & brother). I just wanted to share their beauty with you. The Lord radiates throughout these two. Their love is warm, open, humble, strong. They have been through so much & I am confident that God is going to use them in their marriage in unfathomable ways. I am thankful to be a part of it & glad they love my Layla so much. (I did not take this picture, btw)

Now, for the updates & excitings.

First things first.

Designs by Abby Lynn is now Lovelay. 
I am extremely excited about this direction and am thankful for my sweet little darling who has provided me with lovely inspiration on a daily basis.

Please update all necessary information & try not to get too confused (I know I'm confused already) when searching for Designs by Abby Lynn.

You can now find me at:

I did my first show last weekend. 
I tested my products under Lovelay & got an incredible response. 
Here is a picture of my booth for the festival:

I am still in the process of changing all of my layouts/pictures/etc. but it will get done. 
I appreciate your patience & support and hope that you are as thrilled with the improvements as I am!


I was published the other day, y'all. Published. You can check out the AMAZING Gothic Style Shoot that my sweet & incredibly talented friend from high school designed here. I was *so* honored that Tamara asked me to be a part of this shoot & I look forward to sharing more work with her in the future.

And then.

Layla was a Lady bug (or a Layla bug) for Halloween and it was pretty darn fun. Especially for a nine month old. Check out a little first Halloween visual documentation:

(I guess that was a little random. It was kind of a big deal though, right??)

I think this is the last thing I have to tell you...

Kim (my college friend over at Oh, Sweet Joy!) has invited me to be a part of her Handmade Holidays Gift Guide! Basically, one of my products will be featured (along with several other handmade shops) as sort of a "catalog" for holiday shopping & fun! I am pumped to be taking part in this and excited to dive more into the blogging and handmade community! Be on the lookout for more details regarding this fun journey!

Have a wonderful rest of your week. My parents are in town for a couple more days and we plan to soak up the beautiful Nashville weather tomorrow. Mmmm, Fall.


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