Tuesday, June 7, 2011


bangs. many of us have them. a lot of us hide them. some of us embrace them. most of us accessorize them.

About a month ago I decided that after a three year hiatus, I wanted bangs again. I first cut them my freshman year of high school and had them for about six years. I truly had a love/hate relationship with my bangs. If I didn’t feel like fixing them they would end up pinned back. Sometimes when I did want to fix them, they would end up pinned back because I lived in the TX heat and they never quite did what I wanted. Then there were days when I literally had the most amazing bangs on the planet. 

Fortunately for my hair, I now live in Tennessee.

Tennessee really isn’t that much different from Texas weather wise, but it’s a step up. A small step, but a step nonetheless.

Also, fortunately for me, there are a ton of cute hair accessories out there for the days when my bangs aren’t quite what I had hoped for.

Here are a few of my current favorites:

BonjourMaeMae’s Dogwood Blossom

 and her Marianne Posy which I was able to switch to a clip. 
I got it for Layla...but until she has more hair, I get plenty of use out of it :) It's also fun to clip it to a lace headband for Lay!

This headband from Just Lovely Things is next on my list. I love neutrals and this will definitely hit the spot & give my hair some fanciness…

I LOVE my headband and clip from Oh, Sweet Joy. I went to school with Kim & she is simply awesome. Lay can almost wear the clip, too!! Her hair is gettin' thicker! 
{I have the doubled up rosette in cotton candy & a clip in vintage aqua}

Kim from Oh, Sweet Joy posted this on her blog a few weeks ago & I instantly knew I wanted one. I decided I would order myself one for my birthday so I've been waiting to receive some b-day $$ before I picked. Now I can't decide. Thoughts??



A solid straw fedora does the trick for a bad or good hair day. It's just a great summer accessory.

My small silver hair clip has been worn at least three times a week for the past few months. If Layla's not wearing one then I usually am. I love it.

My large teal headband has been a really fun accessory for pulling my bangs back, or wearing with my curls. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture. But I'll get one soon. Promise :)

My bobby pins have been really great if I want a lovely & simple way to pull back my bangs.

What are some accessories you like to use to pull your bangs back?? Or what are some accessories you favorite for your hair in general?!

Happy Tuesday!

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