Thursday, June 2, 2011

a few of my products

{Miss Pippa Lou wearing a small silver snap clip with felt leaf}

This is probably my favorite accessory - for myself and sweet girls. I love it when I'm having a bad bang day or just to add a simple pop of color to a neutral outfit or to add a little flair to a t-shirt and jeans.
{large red alligator clip}

This item is an excellent addition for all ages. Looks great pinning back those flowing locks & for those who prefer headbands - easy - just attach to your favorite headband! 

{Miss Layla wearing a small turquoise elastic headband}

This (in many, many colors) is definitely a staple in Layla's wardrobe. I am pretty sure we have one to match every item of clothing she has. Since baby girl doesn't quite have enough hair for a clip yet, headbands are an excellent way to add that perfect girly touch to any outfit. 

{baby girl wearing a medium lavender lace headband}

I got this lace in the mail last week & absolutely love it. I'm pretty sure we're gonna have a lace headband obsession for a while. I really love how the lace allows her little head to stay cool! It's very gentle and doesn't put pressure or leave lines like others do when worn too long. She hardly seems to notice she is wearing it! 

{large teal black elastic headband}

This has probably been one of the most popular summer accessories so far! The black & teal coordinate so well & go well with every hair color & outfit! Teal is pretty much a neutral, right?? Of course, it is offered in almost every color. Almost. :)

{large black pin}

Hello. I used to be pregnant. Surprisingly, I haven't worn a pin since I was very large. I love them though & as soon as this post is done I am running upstairs to find them!
I really loved adding these to a cardigan or scarf [which are often worn in the winter...which is when i was pregnant] but will definitely be pulling them out to attach to a sweet summer dress! I'll post a more recent picture once that happens :)

{eggplant hair pin}

This is a truly great item for someone who loves a really simple hair piece [like my beautiful sister (in law)]. They are the smallest piece I offer and can be worn just like a normal hair pin. This is also a great item to wear in multiples in an updo at a formal [or not so formal] event.

 {summer color display}

So, there you have it. I love my products & I know you will too.


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