Monday, June 27, 2011


It's been a Monday. Not a bad day. Just a Monday.
I feel like that has become an excuse for me, though.
"Oh, it's Monday."
'nuff said, right?
Life is full of Mondays.
Life is full of weeks we aren't ready to get started.
Life is full of things you're always ready for & days your always ready to end.
Life is good when we are "happy" & we are only happy when life is good.
Does that make sense? Happiness tends to be circumstantial.
Sp, I'm going to choose joy. Even on Monday. Joy is always ahead of us. Always. 
Even when life is not good.
This week I am going to try to live for the moment at hand. THIS one.
Hopefully this pseudo trend sticks for me.
There are always things to look forward to & there is always something more fun better to do.
There is also always something beautiful in each moment you are in.

I'm going to press on through my Mondays.
I will press on & trust in the fact that God provides.
I will choose joy because joy is always available.

Just so you know...It's pretty easy for me to choose joy right now. I've got my beautiful baby girl smilin' at me & a wonderful husband right by my side.


Just in case you need a reminder:

I think I'll link up {again} today with yellow songbird: learning. Apparently I'm not the one who's always learning things.


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