Thursday, June 30, 2011


This summer has been full of visits from family & friends. It's been pretty wonderful. Layla gets to see the people who love her & we get to spend time with our dear friends who live so far away!

My parents were here around my birthday. It was such a blessing watching them with Layla. They love her so much & she loves them so much she cried when they left!!

Our sweet friend & Layla's "Aunt" Erin will be in town this weekend & we are so excited to see her.

My M-I-L {who hasn't seen Layla in three months} will be here in two weeks! So excited to see her & watch her enjoy her granddaughter who is now beginning to explore!!

My two best childhood friends {Alicia & Hillary} will be here at the end of July & I am SOSOSOSOSO ready to see them & play & watch them with baby girl. Every time Hill has been here the weather has been bad or something has happened that caused her trip to be cut short. Very thankful for FOUR FULL DAYS of fun with them.

Then we go on our trip! WOO!

I love visits. I love friends. I love conversation.
If anyone else would love to visit please don't hesitate.

I'm sure there'll be plenty of updates as all these visits occur. Seriously, I love these people.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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