Monday, June 6, 2011

Things Layla Loves Edition

So, Layla turned FOUR MONTHS OLD on Tuesday, May 31, 2011. Each month I have taken a picture of her on the same spot on the rug in her nursery. It is amazing to see how she has changed and grown each month. 

We are also realizing how much she is changing with her personality, interests, emotions, reactions, etc...

For example...she cried for me this weekend! And she was in her daddy's arms. She has never done that. It was a sweet moment for me. Daddy may not have felt too good, though :)

Another example...She has always enjoyed looking in the mirror {she gets it honestly}, but she laughed at herself the first time this weekend. She LAUGHED. At HERSELF. 

Example number three...& after this I'm done...she rolled over A LOT this weekend. She's done it in the past...probably accidentally. But, she did it on her own a whole lot. Unfortunately, I have no proof because every time we would pull the camera out she would freeze. It was funny. Frustrating. But funny. I've put together a "list" of things that Layla currently loves. I hope to do this every month or so {if things change} as a record for us to remember what she was doing & what she enjoyed during that time of her life. 

We think she's pretty darn awesome. and cute. and beautiful. and funny. and I'm sure you do too. I mean, look at her :)

I hope you enjoy the Things Layla Loves edition of the blog. 

Note to self: put her in more of my products next time :) Daddy has a tendency to take her headbands off if we're at home! Oh well...You can see a really super cute headband on her in pictures 2 & 9. Check out BonjourMaeMae's products here

Have a great Monday, y'all!

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