Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have a strange habit. 

I like to write out & plan ahead for what I am going to wear. For instance, I have already "packed my bag" for our anniversary trip that is a month away. From today actually. I plan out what I will wear for significant events. I plan out what I will wear to work. I plan out what I will wear to lounge around the house. A lot of the time it changes. Sometimes due to weather; sometimes due to change in opinion. 

Well, this strange habit has become even worse because I now have a daughter. She is too pretty to not look cute in the thousands of precious clothes we have been given. That fact provides a lovely excuse for me to plan & make certain she wears all of the clothes in her closet//drawers//lockers//baskets AT LEAST once. 

Last night, J & I were walking around Baby Gap {thanks to a gift card from a sweet friend} & I was drooling at all the cute potential clothes for our baby girl. We discussed the truth that most of what we dress her in is so that other people will tell us she's pretty & cute & precious & adorable & all of the other kind words people use to describe babies. It's so true. But it's so much fun.

I tell you this because for the last half hour, I have been planning out {using an actual calendar} what I want Layla to wear during this holiday weekend, for her monthly pictures, for any significant events, while she is with my Momma during our anniversary trip, etc. It's strange, I tell you. But, it's so much fun. I think I also do it because if I didn't I would wear the same eight shirts over & over & over. 

Do you like to plan anything specific or strange?

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